And I don’t find that I have any problem understanding other parts of the world, because all parts are pretty much the same when you get down to a certain depth. All cultures in the world, there’s still a basic human bedrock that we all rest upon. And by understanding Northampton very deeply, I find that I’ve got a way of understanding any culture very deeply. Whereas if you were to take somebody who’d visited a country, and you were to take me and give me a week to do the research, and then asked us to both write an account of the time we’d spent in that country, I bet I’d write a more convincing one. I bet I would.

Lessons in White Male Creative Arrogance, Part 2: Alan Moore, interviewed by George Khoury, from The Extraordinary Works of Alan Moore (2003). 

People say all the time, “Aren’t you curious?” But I’m not a curious person. I’m not curious to travel, but I do because my wife likes it. I’m not curious to see other places, I’m not curious to try new things. I go to the same restaurants all the time, and my wife is always saying, “Let’s try something new!” I don’t enjoy that.

Lessons in White Male Creative Arrogance, Part 1: Woody Allen, from here.