In Review

So, I made another logo.

This is for, as it says, NeoText Review, the new culture site Chloe’s running that launched this week. The logo came together at the last moment, with the realization that one was even needed happening after the site had been built and was days away from going live. In theory, it’s a placeholder for a potential second logo from the same designers of the original NeoText logo:

My logo obviously reworks that logo, which has always looked curiously 1980s to me (perhaps intentionally?), especially with the type choices, which feel as if they’ve come from a Tri-Star action vehicle starring Jean-Claude Van Damme. I went even older for my version, which takes inspiration from 1970s design — the blocky R, which repeats as a graphic shape! — even though my type cheats, using the very 1990s looking DIN Condensed font instead of something more period appropriate.

The result is something that I hope looks cool-retro, as opposed to just dated. If nothing else, it’s a logo that I enjoy more the more I look at it, which feels like a base minimum to hope for. Even if it does end up as merely a temporary solution to the design problem, it still has to be an attractive one, after all.

Take A Giant Step Inside

In lieu of a written post, some iPad sketches from last night, while watching cats laze around and also watching Love Island: Australia and Ru Paul’s Drag Race All-Stars on television. I forget I like drawing, until I start drawing again.

Brand New Thing

Well, it seems to have gone live now, but the logo design thing I was talking about on Monday was redoing the logo for Shelfdust, the comic criticism site run by Steve Morris that I occasionally contribute to.

Steve made a somewhat open call for a new logo this weekend, which prompted Chloe to put my name forward publicly; as she put it, she did this because I’m bad at tooting my own horn. The two of us talked, which led me to putting together three proposals for him to choose from:

He went for the first, which was my favorite — and also one that I kind of arrived at by mistake. It started as a color version —

— the colors were placeholders, but I wondered how/if the image would work in black and white, which brought me onto the 45-degree lined version above, which is just much stronger, I think.

When Steve picked his favorite, he asked for one simple change, which was a smart one — he wanted the colors inverted.

I’m not sure it reads as well, but I’m also not sure that it doesn’t — I can see benefits for both versions, and so I was happy when he said that he planned to use both variants in future.

We also came up with banners.

The logo’s already in use, far sooner than I expected, but the whole thing was a joy from surprise start to speedy finish, not least of all because doing stuff with Steve is always a pleasure. But look at me, putting that art degree to use again…!

My Head Must Need Some Exercise

Seeing as two of these have been used multiple times by now, I feel relatively safe in sharing two of the “evergreen” graphics for the THR newsletter. These were created before I was laid off, along with another couple that haven’t been used yet, with the idea that there would always be a need for these kinds of things, even if we didn’t know when that would be just yet.

I miss doing these graphics.