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It took me until May to realize that I missed the rhythm of this site from the days when I was doing the THR newsletter, still; the way that, every second week, I’d spend the Friday with a post containing the graphics I’d done during that period for the newsletter.

It’s not that I was always so proud of the graphics that I’d done that I just had to share them — sometimes, I wasn’t proud of them at all; things get created on tight deadlines and they’re not even that good, but there’s something to be said for that “perfect is the enemy of finished” dictum, and something more to be said for the value of accepting imperfection and deadlines as valuable factors in and of themselves — but there was an appeal for me in the rhythm of posts it created here: five posts of writing, then images, five posts of writing, then images, over and over.

Of the many things I’ve missed about not working regularly and primarily for THR, the newsletter is a big one, and the graphics a big part of that. The lack of having the “five posts of writing, then images” rhythm here, in turn, was a big part of that.

All of which is to say, every second Friday, I’m just going to spend that day’s post on images, starting next week. I spent all of May on image posts, created out of necessity — my brain was too full of the writing I was doing for paid work — but, I like the creative process behind those random images. If I like that, and I miss the regularly scheduled image posts that the newsletter graphics used to provide, then surely there’s an answer to the problem staring me right in the face all along.

Plus, who knows? Maybe the process of giving myself a deadline to come up with images could prove as creatively and psychologically healthy as the newsletter graphics did, once upon a time.

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