366 Songs 134: Crazy In Love

Purely because the Christina song reminded me of it:

This song is already almost a decade old, and it’s one of those times when you can totally believe it; there was always something timeless about this, thanks in large part to the smart sampling – and slowing down – of the Chi-Lites:

(Also, let’s be honest: That’s a fucking great Chi-Lites song.)

It’s such a wonderfully relentless song, with the percussion keeping the energy up when the horns aren’t around and the vocals suitably unforgiving (There’s so much here that comes almost entirely from the “backing” vocals, especially when B just ends up running the scale in sighs), that it lives up to the hilarious Jay-Z promise at its beginning that it’s “history in the making.” When it comes to debut solo singles, this is up there with George Michael’s “Freedom.”