On a scale of “yes” to “no” to “not for the next ten years”, will you be going to SDCC this year?


I genuinely have no idea. I feel that SDCC has made it difficult, if not nigh-impossible, for comic professionals to attend the show, honestly. It’s enormously expensive, it’s incredibly frustrating logistically, and it is genuinely exhausting.

Right now, my attendance will be contingent on publishers’ needs — if I’m told I absolutely have to be there for X thing or Y event, then I’ll consider coming down for a day or two (provided there’s a room to be found or a floor to crash upon).

Otherwise, I think I’m pretty much done with attending SDCC for the time being. I didn’t go last year for the first time in over 20 years, and it felt remarkably good to watch the whole thing unfold via Twitter rather than trying to struggle through the thick of it, I have to say.

The attitude of “I don’t know if I’m going to SDCC, but if one of my employers tell me to, sure, why not?” has been the one I’ve held for the last few years. It lowers stress to an amazing degree, it has to be said.