Spoiler Warning

Okay, this one needs a little backstory. Every week for Newsarama, I do a top 10 based on… Well, whatever’s in my head as the deadline approaches, really. This week, based on the plot developments in a particularly popular superhero comic, I decided to do one about the brothers and sisters of superheroes, characters whom have a tendency to become supervillains. In discussing this idea with Newsarama’s boss, I said “I don’t know how we can do this without spoiling [this week’s superhero comic in question].” “Don’t worry,” he replied, “we’ll work something out.”

Here’s how the story is presented on the front page:

The best part is, I wrote the story, and I don’t know what all of those “[Spoiler]”s are replacing. I think it’s “Top 10 Sibling-Superhero Super Villains,” but I could be wrong (Wait, I just checked the URL; it’s “Top 10 Villain-Superhero Sibling Rivalries”).

Is it wrong that I find this quite as amusing as I do?