366 Songs 148: Ice Hockey Hair

There’s something about the guitar sound in “Ice Hockey Hair,” especially the opening noodling, that makes me think of songs from the 1970s, when guitarists weren’t afraid to attempt long-haired, looping beauty instead of riffs or distortion pedals or noise. I say that semi-jokingly, but there’s something appealing to me about the lack of self-consciousness in prog-rock that feels missing in the post-punk music that followed, and that indescribable something is one of the things I like so much about Super Furry Animals; a lack of embarrassment in following their musical bliss, perhaps, even if said bliss takes them into places like a seven-minute long song about table tennis and unfashionable haircuts filled with autotuned vocals (back in 1997, before they were everywhere!), Stooges-esque choruses and a wonderfully inviting schizophrenia when it comes to what decade the song belonged to. The answer, of course, was “the decade you’re living in right now.”

Now that you’re here, tell me you’re a non-believer, as the song says.