366 Songs 145: If We Can Land A Man on The Moon, Surely I Can Win Your Heart

I was prepared to like this song for its epic title as much as anything else, when I discovered it; there’s something wonderfully funny and romantic about the pessimistic take on optimism it offers up, after all. But thankfully, the song itself lived up to its name; it’s a love song to pop music, a hyperactive, ever-changing thing that moves through sounds and arrangements as it tries to assure that it’ll be there to try and please no matter what, cynically and wide-eyed at the same time. “If you wanna sing/Tell me what you wanna sing/And I’ll play/Yeah, I’ll play,” the singer explains, “Speed it up/Or slow it down/If you want/We’ll change the sound,” explaining the shifts in the song as meta-commentary on the lyrics, which are themselves meta-comments on the need for bands to twist and turn in order to sell as much as they are pleas for the lovelorn to win their objects of affection.

All this, plus a tribute/rip-off of the speeded-up piano break from the Beatles’ “In My Life” at 1:27. Winning my heart was much easier for this song than landing men on the moon.