366 Songs 281: OK

Presented to demonstrate the value of a good remix, here is (above) the album version – ie, the original – of Talvin Singh’s “OK,” from the album of the same name. It’s a really nice track, and it’s something that very clearly knows what it wants to do and gets there relatively painlessly.

And then, someone – A record label executive? Singh himself? I have no idea – apparently decided that, if they were really going to want to release the track as a single, it needed a little bit more punch. So, they reached out to Bjork collaborator Guy Sigworth, who just tweaked a few things and ended up with this irresistible juggernaut of a floor filler:

This, I would like to suggest, is what an outside voice can bring to a project. And so, thank you to all my editors, who make my work better with their comments and objections. Those who make it worse…? Well, we’ll talk about you another time.