366 Songs 248: Rude Boy Rock

Pop Quiz time! Is this track:

  • (A) Justin Robertson’s finest hour and a tribute to the great reggae and ska music of his youth?
  • (B) An entirely unexpected rip-off of David Holmes’ “My Mate Paul”?
  • (C) Both?
  • The answer, of course, is (C), but I suspect that the David Holmes thing is somewhat accidental seeing that “My Mate Paul” is, after all, little more than a version of “Smokey Joe’s La-La” by Googie Rene:

    Holmes’ track definitely samples the Rene track; I’m not sure if the Lionrock track does, but I’d be very surprised if it didn’t, considering the beat and the horns it uses – I feel that it’s pretty much a direct translation, but your mileage may vary, as ever. I love the Rene song that seems to be at the heart of both subsequent tracks, and love even more the idea that two different producers rediscovered the song months apart, and used it as the basis for their latest dancefloor fillers. If only more forgotten classics had such impact.

    Odd but true; the single version of “Rude Boy Rock,” almost 90 seconds shorter, is by far the superior because of the edited opening:

    See? Isn’t that better?