366 Songs 123: Love Is The Key

Watching the “Volcano Girls” video, I found myself thinking of this song – or, rather, the chorus to this song – for reasons that I couldn’t quite place. After listening to all of “Love Is The Key” again, I’m no closer to knowing why I started thinking of it again, but at least I know why I was only thinking of the chorus: There is no other song. I mean, yes, there’re verses and a bridge (and a lovely organ line throughout the whole thing), but… Man. There’s no real song here, is there? This is a tune that’s all about swagger and bluff. I kind of love that it was a single in the UK, because it’s almost as if the Charlatans were asking that their name be proven apt.

And the less said about “Come and feed me/Come and feed me with your energy” as a lyric, the better.