My Head Must Need Some Exercise

Seeing as two of these have been used multiple times by now, I feel relatively safe in sharing two of the “evergreen” graphics for the THR newsletter. These were created before I was laid off, along with another couple that haven’t been used yet, with the idea that there would always be a need for these kinds of things, even if we didn’t know when that would be just yet.

I miss doing these graphics.

And In The End

And so, here they are — the last graphics I made for THR‘s newsletter before I left. (I was going to say, “jumped ship,” but I think that’s the term when it’s more intentional than what actually occurred. I might be wrong, though.) As I write, there’s discussion about whether or not I might return to do more for the newsletter, which I assume would include more graphics, but nothing’s been finalized yet, so… we’ll see, I guess. For now, consider these the last ones I made — although there are others that I made around the same time that haven’t seen the light of day yet. (Well, one has, but not the rest.) Maybe they’ll show up here at some point in the future…? For now, say goodbye with these ones…

No Safety or Surprise

With the news that I’m no longer at THR out there now, it feels weird to be sharing images I created for the newsletter, but, well, the completist in me demands it, I guess.

All of these were created for the 100th newsletter last month, which was also the first newsletter we made after we found out I had been let go. It was a strange and somewhat sad experience to make all of these — six in one week, as well, which is a lot compared with the more traditional two or three — but I also felt a particular enjoyment with them all because I knew I wouldn’t get to do it much longer, if that makes sense…?

Look The Same As Your Crowd

Returning to the land of THR newsletter graphics after a couple of weeks off — because the newsletter itself took a couple of weeks off for the holidays — and I’m surprised by how completely I’ve forgotten creating any of these images. Apparently these things really don’t stick in my head very long. That, or the holiday period was more thought-provoking than I thought at the time.

Too Small For The Eye to See

There was no THR newsletter the week of Thanksgiving, so only one week of newsletter graphics this time around — but it was, oddly, a very busy week in terms of what was asked of me, so there’s more to see than might be expected. Subliminal planning for the week off that followed, or just a happy coincidence…?

Caught In The Vortex

Just one week’s graphics from the THR newsletter this time around, because we ended up skipping the Friday after Election Day, because… well, it was the Friday after Election Day and we all had better things to do with our time. Thankfully, there were so many graphics we’d worked up the week before, you’ll barely notice a lack…

If We Get Through For Two Minutes Only

If there’s one thing I remember from this selection of graphics from THR‘s weekly newsletter, it’s how happy I was with the text from the Meg 2 graphic at the very bottom; it was a last-minute graphic with not a lot of time available to get it right, and I remembered just how well I deal with things when I don’t have time to overthink everything. There’s a lesson for life in there somewhere, but I’m going to choose to ignore it.

Hear My Call I’ve Done Nothing

Whatever the reason, I’m particularly proud of a couple of the graphics in this collection of THR newsletter pieces — it’s the colors and the way everything just seemed to come together for a couple of them in particular. Sometimes, I can surprise even myself, even if — in the moment — I find myself dissatisfied and frustrated at the way everything looks. (There’s value to revisiting these a few weeks after their creation, it turns out.)

Givin’ It All He’s Got

Every now and then, the THR newsletter graphics feel like the bright spot of a particular week, because they’re something that I don’t have to necessarily spend a lot of time working on, or preparing for: I get my marching orders and I go do it. It’s a relief, it’s a break from the norm — and it’s something that, when I look back for these posts, I realize that I occasionally don’t even remember that some of them exist, despite timestamps showing that they do. The first graphic below? I guess I did that? Maybe?

This is an unfinished graphic for a story that ended up not coming together in time for the newsletter…

No joke; the headline rewrite on this might be my favorite pun that we’ve done in all of the newsletters to date, even though the actual story ended up not running at all…

From A to B

In a THR newsletter update: We returned after the Labor Day break — which means just one week’s worth of newsletter graphics — with a surprisingly short newsletter, which required just two graphics, only one of which I actually dig. Somewhat frustrating, but what can be done? (I was in a strangely 45 degree line mood this particular week, in case you can’t tell.)