“Which Is Total Nonsense, And They Know It”

You can’t put the genie back in the bottle on this one, people. And the networks and cable channels that are so easily offended need to get over it. Like pretty much every critic or writer I talked to, I stand behind everything I tweet. Did I just say your entertainment president was spinning the truth? Why, yes I did. That line about how the upcoming Monday night procedural or Thursday night comedy is heinously bad? Give me another 140 characters and I’ll say it again, only with exclamation points.

It seems to me there are two main complaints here about critics/writers and Twitter: 1) They don’t like the content, and 2) they think all we’re doing is tweeting and not writing stories. Which is total nonsense, and they know it. A good deal of people write their stories right there in the sessions. Others will write full reviews, interviews, feature stories, etc., back in their hotel rooms or at home if they’re local.

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Tim Goodman reacts to criticism that Twitter use has resulted in a boring Television Critics Association press tour this month, and it’s pretty great. Coming as I do from a comic book culture where creators feel similarly about Twitter/social media/dismissive of the Internet in general, I found myself nodding in agreement a bunch.