Because girls never exclude other girls or never exclude guys by claiming “safe space,” right? Jesus christ, I get that you have a daughter and you’re looking out for her, but that doesn’t mean that women have it any worse than guys now that you’re focusing on one. Wake the fuck up. What sex drops out of school at great rates? What sex has the highest poverty and suicide rate? What sex is less likely to get into college? Men. So stop being a mouthbreathing white knight.


I love when righteous indignation hides behind anonymity. You poor, poor boy. You are beyond wrong, and that you cannot see why, that you cannot see how the made-up data you cite itself is part of the problem, is part of the bias, only makes me pity you.

You’re a coward.

You’re exactly the problem I’m describing.

And you have no leg to stand on. I am tired of you, I am tired of your type.

Good luck with what I am sure will be a long and miserable life.

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