List, Head, The Whole Shebang

I’ve been particularly lucky when it’s come to my writing career — not only in the types of writing work I’ve been lucky to get, but also the outlets I’ve been fortunate enough to write for. For whatever reason — I think it’s some mixture of skill and good luck, personally; a small amount of the former and a lot of the latter, if you ask me — I’ve managed to write for mainstream outlets like The Hollywood ReporterWiredTime and many more across the years, making sure that anything close to a bucket list of places to write for has been kept relatively minimum.

That said, there still is a bucket list.

Some of the list is literally impossible — either outlets that no longer exist at all (1980s official fanzine Marvel Age, for example) or exist in the format that I initially fell in love with them, like Entertainment Weekly, which I’m not even sure has a print component at all anymore. Others are simply unlikely, because of personal experience. (There are multiple outlets I’ve pitched to on more than one occasion, with no luck or even a response; such is life.)

The one thing tying them all together is the fact that each of the outlets I still dream of writing for are ones that I was in love with as a reader, long before I thought about becoming a writer myself. I can remember poring over copies of Wired in the library of my old art school, for example, or picking up (far too expensive) copies of Entertainment Weekly in the U.K. even though they referred to things I didn’t really have any first hand knowledge of. Marvel Age was the first time I’d seen writing about comics, when I discovered it at age 11; each one seemed to be a window into something new.

Given all of that, it’s understandable that I’d want to be part of that even now that I’ve seen (and been) behind the curtain myself. All I need now is a time machine and even more good luck to make it happen.

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