So, I posted this on Twitter this afternoon.

When I wrote it, what was foremost in my mind was the fact that both series/properties have mainstream (i.e., not comics readers) awareness, an expectation that they are “important” characters historically within the industry and yet both constantly struggle with mid-level sales at best, no matter who’s writing and drawing them – on the rare occasions when there is a sales bump, it isn’t permanent (See Wonder Woman’s sales slowly dropping post New 52 relaunch, or the Johnny Storm death issue’s bump for Fantastic Four not sticking around for long; interestingly enough, where there is a sales bump on the titles, there isn’t a dramatic drop afterwards, either – it’s like a gentle drift for both).

What was fascinating for me was the responses this generated. It showed me the number of different ways people view favorite characters, series, properties, even sales figures. A nice reminder of my own biases and how they inform my thinking as much as a glimpse into everyone else’s, too.

(I still think that WW and FF are analogous in terms of properties for each company, though.)

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