“Super-Detective of The Nether World”

Fero, Planet Detective:

In his first appearance, Fero is described as a scientist of the occult, a super-detective of the nether world, who is the one man who can thwart the evil doings of vampires and werewolves that have invaded earth from Pluto. Fero’s later adventures had him working on cases involving more standard criminals.

Fero operated out of an office in New York at some point in the distant future. He was a skilled detective and a good fighter. He did not seem to carry any weapons, but did wear a “ray proof jacket.” He also had pills that allowed him to temporarily transform into a giant ape-like creature with superhuman strength. He owned his own interplanetary ship, full of scientific equipment, including a device which could record images of a person’s memories.

I am currently fascinated by the treasure trove of comic characters that are in the public domain.

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