Why no mention at all of UK Marvel comics? I started collecting at 6, probably didn’t even *see* a US Marvel comic till about 11. Also, curious lack of any reference to Watchmen…


US fans are barely exposed to the comics produced in the UK. Sorry, but it’s true! Outside of Captain Britain, I can’t think of a single Marvel UK character that popped up in the comics produced over here.

But worry not! Rob Kirby is writing a book just for you:

As far as WATCHMEN…well, there are a ton of excellent DC titles that aren’t referenced in the book. There’s only so much you can fit into 500 pages.

Man, I want to read that Marvel UK book more than is healthy. Those comics – especially the early 1980s reprints – were weirdly omnipresent as a kid, and because of that, an important part of my childhood.

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