Why Do I Know The Name “Graeme McMillan”?

An incomplete* list of where I’ve written, across the years.

  • Fanboy Rampage!!! (Personal comic book link blog)
  • Newsarama (Both the now-defunct Blog@Newsarama and the main site)
  • Comic Book Resources (Part of the now-defunct Robot 6 blog)
  • io9.com (Part of the launch team, 2008-2010)
  • Time.com (Both the now-defunct Techland and the Entertainment vertical)
  • Comics Foundry Magazine
  • Comics Alliance
  • The Savage Critics
  • Vulture.com
  • Wait, What? (Also the podcast)
  • Wired.com (Also the magazine)
  • Playboy.com (Also the magazine)
  • The Hollywood Reporter (Primarily the Heat Vision blog, but also the main site and magazine)
  • The Verge

Additionally, I have been interviewed as a pop culture expert for The Guardian, the Canadian Broadcasting Company, Sky News and NPR, and was a judge on the Will Eisner Awards committee in 2018.

(* Yes, I have forgotten other outlets I’ve written for. I’ve been doing this for a long time, you guys. I’m old.)