This Week and The More Distant Future

This week’s Time piece, about Dungeons & Dragons and why it isn’t a bigger deal in pop culture, is up. While it authentically mirrors my thinking in researching/writing the piece, I’m unsure about the wisdom of the last minute reversal in the piece itself (No spoilers; it’s not that kind of thing, anyway), but I have to admit that even moreso than usual, I’m beholden to those who helped with research for this one. Especially John Rogers, who sent me a couple of emails that just blew my mind early on, in a good way.

As I start thinking about my workload in 2013, I admit that this kind of thing – Stories where I can get more in-depth and have time/space to think about them – is becoming more and more appealing to me. In part, it’s the desire to escape the insane production treadmill that I’ve been on for the last year or so, but it’s also the enjoyment I get from the surprise of discovery available in longer-form writing. Fingers crossed that the thing that I really want to happen job-wise actually falls into place, I guess…

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