Two Things That 2013 Means to Me

Weird but true; 2013 marks not only the tenth anniversary of my starting Fanboy Rampage!!! the blog that launched what I laughingly referred to at the time as my writing career, but also the fifth anniversary of the launch of, the website that actually made that joke into a real career. It’s actually io9’s fifth anniversary today [EDIT: Apparently, I was a day off, and it was Jan 2]; for all my mixed feelings about my time there – Short version, I didn’t appreciate the opportunity it presented at the time (or maybe, I mistook it for an entirely different opportunity?), but it was also a really bad fit for me for various reasons and I think I’m better off out of it – it’s the thing that made me think that maybe I could be a writer full-time, and for that, I’ll always be grateful to the site and everyone involved.

Happy Birthday, io9, and happy oh-my-God-I’m-old to me.

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