366 Songs 084: Right Here, Right Now

“Right Here Right Now” was the exclusive soundtrack to my grieving process for my dead grandmother. I say it like that, quasi-sarcastically, out of defensiveness for the subject and everything around it, but this song was genuinely one of the few things that gave me some break from the confusion and sadness that I fell into after my father’s mother died in… 1991, I guess it must have been? Again with the missing the point of the lyrics – This is, after all, a relatively optimistic if painfully sincere and worthy song – but there was something about it that matched the fragile feeling I was wearing at the time, as much as that embarrasses the post-hipster me I am now to admit. It wasn’t even a single or anything at the time in the UK; I’d hear it so much because it was big in the US, and I wasn’t sleeping and so saw a lot of the imported America’s Top 10 chart shows that’d play at 2:30 in the morning. But there was something about this song, insomnia and sadness that fit together too well at the time for me.

(I also liked other Jesus Jones songs, for my sins, but we might get to that later.)

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