Fun With Numbers (Again)


So, the October sales figures are out, showing how the new ANAD Marvel books launched, and they’re all massive successes, as Marvel EiC Axel Alonso told CBR: “We were proud of our launches and optimistic about our numbers in October, but we didn’t anticipate this,” he said

I mean, let’s ignore that 75% drop between the first and second issues of Invincible Iron Man in the same month, because there’s always a second issue drop, right?!? Feel the success of that 66K second issue, which is far better than the 42K second issue of the previous series. (Not so much better than the 72K for the second issue of the 2012 series, but, hey.)

But look at the other debuts! Amazing Spider-Man #1 has 245K! That’s great! Almost 300,000 copies less than the last Amazing Spider-Man relaunch, but 245K! And Spider-Gwen has 197K, which is… also down on the 254K of the last launch for the series back in February of this year. And then there’s Guardians of the Galaxy, which gets 118K, which is… yup, less than the last Guardians of the Galaxy #1 back in 2013 (That one got 211K). Oh, and there’s a new Uncanny Avengers #1, which had 105K, as opposed to the last one, which got… 303K.

Okay, it’s not all bad news: Astonishing Ant-Man #1 had orders of 2,000 more copies than January’s Ant-Man #1, and when was the last time Doctor Strange sold 145K? Uncanny Inhumans #1 launched at 90K, up from 58K for Inhuman #1 and 67K for the zero issue, so there’s that. But with Sam Wilson, Captain America reaching just 62K versus All-New Captain America having almost double that amount (120K) just a year ago and New Avengers #1 having orders of 71K versus 116K from the last time the book was relaunched, it’s clear that the bloom is off the rose in terms of relaunching to get sales boosts. 

No wonder Marvel’s currently above 75 launches for All-New All-Different; at this rate, volume of series is what’s going to keep its marketshare where they want it to be more than anything else.

I looked up some numbers for the Wait, What tumblr.

Someone asked on Twitter, and it strikes me I should maybe add this here: the ANAD launches are pretty much launching higher than DC’s New 52 did, so for those looking for a silver lining, there you go…!

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