I’m not entirely clear why reading and toplessness go together, but I can’t help but warm to the evident fun the book group is having in the pairing (check out the pictures on their blog ā€“ although possibly not while you’re at work). I emailed founder A Andrews to ask what was behind it all; she told me that “four summers ago, my best friend and I were talking about the law in New York that says women are free to go topless anywhere a man can, and about the fact that no women ever did. It clearly wasn’t because no woman would ever want to ā€“ when it’s 90 degrees outside, who wouldn’t rather be bare-chested than suffering under a shirt and bra? But most women didn’t know they had this right, and those who did were often afraid to take advantage of it. So we decided to create a group to combat that ignorance and fear. We made it a book club because we loved books and loved hanging out with other people who loved books. And it’s been going strong ever since.”

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