It’s gross how excited I am for Now You See Me 2, even though I’m pretty upset they didn’t call it Now You Don’t.  I really just love that first movie so much.  I can pretend I love it ironically, but who would be fooled?  I love it because it’s dumb and I’m a dumb person.  If I tried to pretend it was anything else, that would just be me being ashamed of my feelings.  I’M NOT ASHAMED.  It’s just one of those movies that everytime I collapsed on my couch for months, it’d be what’d be on and I wouldn’t change the channel, and I would receive everything it’d have to teach.  Remember how Mark Ruffallo wears a triumph hoodie, how when at the end he’s having his big moment he just puts on this random hoodie, for no reason?  Do you remember that?  I DO.  I do because I’ve seen the first one a million times and the Mark Ruffallo triumph hoodie is my favorite part.  Is Common going to be in this one playing an imaginary violin???  Obviously we all want to see more of Dave Franco having magic-fu fights with people, using playing cards as throwing stars, but the people who made the sequel realize we also want more of Dave Franco falling in confined spaces ala the trash chute of Episode 4.  It’s the attention to detail!  Are there going to be characters?  The first movie didn’t have those so part of me hopes not– they would just get in the way.  I’m especially happy they’re bringing Michael Caine back for more because the first movie left me with so many questions, like, “Does Michael Caine have financial planners?  Does he save enough to be able to say no to parts?”  But also, I always want to see the bad guys in con-y movies come back and be like “hey, not cool, we’re going to get you.”   That’s what I wanted to Ocean’s 14 to be – Al Pacino and Andy Garcia teaming up….Oh, I had such dreams for Ocean’s 14… 

This is my Star Wars.

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