On working for the other side



– Erin McCann

The Guardian is a great place to work, full of people who are good at their jobs and make coming to work each day a joy. I love my job.

That said, there are certain … peculiarities … that an American only encounters when all her bosses are British – and the same is true for Brits who find themselves working for Americans. This whole English 2 English project exists because cross-cultural communication can be amusingly difficult. But what’s funny and cute in an interpersonal relationship is a whole other level of complicated tension when you apply it to your work life. 

Therefore, I offer three tips for Americans with British bosses. But what I really want is to hear from you: how do you navigate the minefield when you find yourself employed by the other side?

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I look forward to the “If you’re British and working for Americans” response to this. “For one thing, there’s a bunch of holidays throughout the year that have special names, but you’ll end up working through most of them.”