366 Songs 073: Blood Money

There was a period shortly after the release of Primal Scream’s Exterminator when I was having one of those… emotionally intense periods, as the kids don’t say; those times when everything seems charged with too much significance, and many of your personal relationships seem to go to shit all at the same time without any warning or reason. Unsurprisingly, the free-jazz-funk-meets-Quincy-Jones-meets-John-Barry-soundtrack of much of the album, and especially “Blood Money” and “Insect Royalty” seemed incredibly apposite for this whole period – This song, in particular, conjures memories of wandering around Edinburgh somewhat aimlessly as the sun was setting, waiting for… someone that I can’t even remember, now, but knowing that I wasn’t quite myself and not knowing just what to do to change that.

(The bass line and horn section of this song, by the way, are just amazing.)