366 Songs 286: No Social

Rhyming “nose” and “so-and-so’s” is, of course, lyrical genius.

It’s the bleep bloop bleep bloop GUITAR of the song’s opening that gets me everytime. The rest of the song is an agreeable enough little ditty, sure – It’s very singalongable, and the Danger Mouse production does his thing of updating old fashioned techniques to create something relatively contemporary in a mysterious way, but it’s also somewhat slight. But that opening: It’s like hearing something blossom into pop music. If there was a way to build a song out of that level of surprise and excitement, it would be a thing of beauty – and likely very short, too.

(The bridge comes close, but that might just be because it’s the bleepy-bloopiest part of the song. Maybe my problem is that the rest of the song just doesn’t match up to that bit?)