366 Songs 174: Are You Blue Or Are You Blind

There’s something so amazingly “Britpop”-py to the sound of this song, the particular sound of the jangly guitars and the barely present bassline (Poor Paul McCartney, whose bass was so present in the Beatles’ music and so ignored when it came to the 1990s movement so inspired by that band) and the somewhat whiny vocal. But despite all of that, it’s one of those songs that gets damned with faint praise; it’s a “agreeable” and “nice enough” song, you know?

That was always a problem for the Bluetones, in a way; their charms were gentle and you had to be open to them. They were never a band who would force themselves into your heart, but if you were in the right mood and willing to fall for a new old sound, they’d be there with reliable if unspectacular music that felt cosy and comfortable. Listen; this song even has a “ba ba ba ba” bit that anyone can sing along to.