First, the initial reporting was sloppy. At a minimum Politico’s political reporters should have consulted with their peers who cover the military. Better, they should have consulted historians. (Best would be both of course.) Second, the counter-arguments and defenses from outraged conservatives in Carson’s camp were even sloppier. Even worse: in some cases these arguments, especially those from Carson’s own campaign, definitively (if accidentally) undo his own accounts. Third and finally, Ben Carson has a real and serious problem with the actual and undisputable history surrounding what he said. At best he told and continues to tell a story which demonstrates that he has a horrible memory, and cannot even remember basic facts (verifiable facts, as I will show) about his own history. More likely, the historical evidence appears to demonstrate that he is, indeed, an outright liar who has been fooling people with a self-created fabulist fictional story. Worst of all, it is a story about his own past designed to make himself look better at the utter expense of the truth.

And he made a lot of money telling that false story.

“Ben Carson Debunked: Inside His Made-Up West Point Story,” from here. The current political landscape is nuts, everybody.

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