Patience Is A Difficult Thing Indeed

I’m sure that I’ve written before about my frustration and dislike for waiting for phone calls that I know are coming. Now, it turns out, it might just be waiting for communications of any sort; I submitted my first piece of work for a new-to-me (print) outlet via email yesterday, and have spent the past couple of days just avidly watching my email inbox for some kind of confirmation of receipt, and – in my fantasy world – a “It’s great!” or “it needs these minor edits” (Basically, anything that isn’t “We’re killing it outright, here’s our kill fee”).

I am finding myself supernaturally distracted by the waiting, and the lack of email. Despite the fact that I was surprisingly productive today even when I shouldn’t have been, I’m thinking less about the work and more about the email that just hasn’t arrived yet.

And I want to send a second email to say “I know I’m being paranoid, but did you get it? Because I sent it, and I’d even be okay with you saying that you hated it instead of thinking that I didn’t send it and screwed the deadline,” but I also don’t want to send that email, because then I’m crazy paranoid guy who can’t wait three days for Busy Editor for A National (International, jeez) Publication to check his email, have a chance to read the story and then write back to me.

So, instead, I write this as some kind of message out to the ether and the potential coincidence and magic therein. May whatever potential coincidences may be at play out there lead that email to have been received, to be opened and appreciated and responded to. Pretty, pretty please with sugar on top.