One of the things that I keep saying is that there’s a lack of opinion and debate on the internet. Which is why I like reading your material, because it’s thought-out criticism, not the “I’m right and you suck” attitude. Really, frequently people confuse opinion with fact. When I was growing up, there was some reaching across the aisle to debate topics. It’s a depressing time when there’s no room even for conversation. You can’t convince anybody of anything anymore in that political world. I end up being nonpolitical on other issues on the internet because I get tired of hearing “You’re a fucking idiot.”

On the other hand, your blog makes me think about the issues — expand my perspective. It’s led to conversations within my family about how the word feminism has changed, what my kids consider feminism versus what we historically considered feminism. And what a terrible time it was in the eighties and nineties when it was a word you couldn’t use. As opposed to now, when there is movement back to its roots: meaning equality.

With Tank Girl, I thought I could break the glass ceiling. And instead, the glass ceiling crushed me, absolutely came down and crushed me. I thought I’m going to make this kick ass, totally out-there female action movie. We’re going to show that there’s this great audience for it. And instead it came crashing in on us. It was a hellish experience. And after that, when it didn’t sell enough tickets, people said that female action heroes were never going to work and that was the end of it. I liked it when I was idealistic.

Rachel Talalay, from here.

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