The Making Of The Law

As the new Drokk! podcast has just launched, finally — Jeff and I have been talking about this for months, having decided to do it back in September last year when we knew that Baxter Building was wrapping up — I thought I’d share the (simple) process behind the show’s logo.

It was, of course, going to be a drawing of Dredd. For various, “I’m not sure of the legality of using existing artwork but I don’t want to get sued in case it’s not fair use,” reasons, it was almost certainly going to be an original drawing from the word go. So, sometime around the holidays — I think it was the day after Christmas? — I sat down and drew this:

Note the lettering on the side for the logo, which I ultimately decided not to use, opting to just redraw it on the computer. Anyway, the drawing was meant to look like “classic” Dredd without looking like any particular artist’s Dredd; I’m not sure how well I accomplished that, because I don’t draw like the classic 2000 AD artists. It does, however, look recognizably like Judge Dredd, so I’ll take it.

I scanned the drawing in, and started coloring it. Here’s what it looked like without the linework:

And here’s what it looked like with the linework:

Because it’s me, I put the colors through a benday dot filter. I couldn’t really tell you why, other than the fact that I’m really into that right now. (As if the THR Heat Vision logos doesn’t make that clear.) And then it turned into this:

That is the finished image, but, there’s this alternate done at Jeff’s behest and direction, that neither of us particularly loved:

So now you know.

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