But No-One Seemed To Notice Me

I’ve written here before about my love for doing the graphics for the weekly THR newsletter; this far out from working there on a regular basis, I’m beginning to think that it might have been one of my favorite parts of the gig, to be honest. I’ve also written here about missing the opportunity to just… make pictures that it provided me every week, and the fact that I’d not really found the mental space to be able to do that for myself, for some reason.

I mention all of this because, this weekend, a series of strange and unusual circumstances occurred that resulted in me working on logo proposals for something — I’m being purposefully vague for the purposes of (a) not jinxing anything, and (b) I’m not sure if I can even say anything about it at this point. It’s far from anything resembling a done deal right now; I’m basically just helping out a friend, and they could utterly hate everything I sent them, and yet… it was something that I found particularly pleasurable to do.

(This despite the nerves that I felt upon being pretty much pushed into the situation, and thinking to myself, oh my God, I haven’t made an actual logo for anything in years, how many years, maybe it’s been since I was at art school, no surely not, that can’t be right, oh my God on something approaching a repeating loop.)

There’s a lesson to be found here about using different parts of your brain to solve different tasks, and the way in which that can feel like a break even though you’re still being officially “productive.” There’s also some kind of lesson to be found about my need to be productive in order to make images, but that’s a whole other kettle of unhealthy fish that we’ll ignore right now. More than anything, though, I find myself excited at the prospect of one of the logo suggestions being chosen, and the possibility that more such things could be down the line for me at some point. Fingers are crossed…!

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