Mon-El Times Three

My subconscious decided to offer me a strange gift this weekend, in the form of a particularly vivid dream where I was leaving old jobs I’d once held – Clearly, this week being my last for both SpinOff and Comics Alliance is weighing on my mind more than I’d realized – and all of my old workmates were preparing individual parties to say farewell, with each workplace chipping in to buy me a going away present. So far, so sweet, you might think, and you’d be right. Except for this strange detail: Each of the three workplaces had chipped in to buy three separate but identical action figures of the Legion of Super- Heroes character Mon-El.

Now, I’m a pretty big LOSH fan, I’ll admit, but quite why my subconscious chose one of the more bland characters from the series as the gift chosen by seemingly everyone for me, I may never know. Now, though, I’m almost hoping for a Mon-El in the mail before the week is over (Although I’d prefer a Darkseid or Mister Miracle).

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