Oh, you all joked, but look: Marvel really has hired Chris Claremont to write an ongoing Nightcrawler book. Set in current continuity. I cannot wait.

Also: that Chris Samnee cover is glorious.

Also also: the book isn’t actually called X-Men Legacy, as the officially-released Marvel promo image claims. It’s really called Nightcrawler, as editor Daniel Ketchum explained on Marvel.com:

“For the longest time, we lived with the idea that this series would be the next iteration of X-MEN LEGACY… But with all the excitement surrounding Kurt’s return, the enthusiasm from both fans and creators alike, we ultimately decided that this book couldn’t be called anything other than NIGHTCRAWLER.”

Quite why no-one thought to, you know, fix the one official image that’d be released to promote the news so that it featured the right title for the damn book remains unclear. Announcing comics is easy – apparently, editing Photoshop documents is hard.

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