Reins Never Break, Take Us To The Stars Again

It’s been a couple of days where the universe has been giving me some kind of a sign — actually a couple — about what might be described as my career, and in a nicer format than I’ve been expecting after the last few months.

The first sign was something that I’m not entirely comfortable sharing yet, if only not to jinx something that could be very good further down the road. It’s currently not even a thing as much as it is the possibility of a thing, but the circumstances in which it came together — and the speed of same — makes me feel as if something’s happening that’s going to be interesting, if nothing else. (I’m being purposefully vague, but it’s an opportunity I’m excited about, especially if everything goes as hoped. It won’t be a quick process, however.)

The second sign was something that I’ve encountered before, but found particularly charming this time around. I’m working on a freelance story for an outlet, and I decided to get started by seeing if anyone else has previously approached the subject in any kind of way. The third result on Google… is me.

Thankfully, I wouldn’t be repeating myself with this new story; it’s literally taking what I’d previously written and adding a second chapter, in a lot of ways. But there’s something to be said for not only having previously approached the subject (and in a way that’s useful to me now, thankfully) and having entirely, utterly forgotten about it.

It connects with the mystery first thing, in some ways; the fact that someone approaches me about a topic, for the very reason that they’ve seen my work and they think that I’m on the same page with them. There’s a benefit to having been doing all this for so long that I have that kind of back catalogue, I think, and perhaps it wouldn’t be the worst thing if I continued to do it for a little bit longer, after all.

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