There was a brief lull as Nicola outlined a few policies that were never going to happen, and a few heads did go down at this point. But then she got to the crucial bit. When she’d previously said that she wanted a second independence referendum before the spring of 2019, she hadn’t quite absorbed the fact that most Scots didn’t appear to be in the mood for thinking about a second referendum right now.

So she wanted to be more flexible. She wasn’t saying no to a second referendum. Just that she’d like to be a little vaguer about her timings. The SNP would now only demand a second referendum when the time was right. And that time would be when Theresa May had messed up the Brexit negotiations so badly, every Scot would be begging for independence so they could remain in the EU. Then and only then.

After a quick flirty Q&A with the press, Nicola left the stage as another power ballad filled the hall. It had gone OK. Better than OK. Two people could play at being Supreme Leader. A fight to the death with the Pretender over who had the bigger mandate. When the time was right. Never forgetting that.

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