You Can’t Go Home Again (Cheaply)

As you read this, I’m likely hurtling through the air. Actually, maybe not; time zones are hard. I think I might actually have landed in the UK by the time you’re reading this…? Well, I definitely will if you’re reading it an hour or so after it’s published. Go with me here — this is far from an exact science.

(I say that, but the passage of time and time zones are, strictly speaking, a pretty exact science. So it goes.)

My point being: I’m in the UK for the next week and a half for work — well, the first half of the trip is all for work, and it’s also the entire reason there’s a trip to the UK at all. I’m covering Star Wars Celebration, a four-day event in London that’ll be filled to the brim with all things Star Wars; I did the same show in Chicago four years ago for THR, and it feels especially weird to be back doing it again for Popverse in an entirely different country. The more things change, I guess…?

The second half of the trip is seeing family — and introducing Chloe to my family in person for the first time, as well as introducing Chloe to Scotland for the first time, too. It’s my first time back there in over a decade, and it’s far too fast for my liking; we basically leave two days after arriving, and so won’t get to see… well, anyone outside of my family, most likely. (Sorry, anyone reading this who hoped to see us.)

I’m excited to go to the UK again, and pre-emptively exhausted by the travel and the work and the constant movement while we’re there. It feels suitable to feel conflicted about going home again. Ask me how I feel about the whole thing when I’m back, though.

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