March 26

There’s a point in almost every week where things go from Oh, I’m doing okay, keeping on top of my deadlines to Why do I feel behind the curve all of a sudden?. That part is almost certainly Wednesday, and I’m never sure why that’s the case. Take this week, for example; I was ahead of deadlines all the way up to yesterday, and yesterday I was mightily productive, but suddenly this morning I feel as if I’m playing catch-up for no immediately apparent reason.

Is it merely a state of mind, independent of anything else, or an early warning system for something terrible coming down the pike that I can’t quite see yet? I have no idea. Normally, it’s merely a mental reminder that my end of weeks are unusually packed (Podcast recording essentially means I’m working a half-day on other things each Thursday, and then Friday means a lot of deadlines for both THR and Wired, no matter what), but it’s an exhausting and unnecessary part of the week nonetheless. What does it take to know what’s coming and be okay with it, I wonder…?

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