“There’ s A Powerful Downside to This Level of Output”

This is a lot of work, point blank.  It’s too much work and there’s a powerful downside to this level of output, most importantly being less time with the family and impact on my health.  2013 will likely be just as busy as none of these projects are ending anytime soon.  Most likely as Mara ends I’ll replace that with Anthem.  I have 6 issues left on my contracted Star Wars run but that was always open to be extended and depending on how things go I may re-up that.  I have 7 issues left to go on Conan The Barbarian.  The Massive will continue through 2013, and I’m assuming I’ll keep writing Ult X-Men for the foreseeable future.  ”Not Yet Announced” will be announced soonish.

The goal of this heavy workload was to build a “secondary backlist”, a somewhat panicked but justifiable reaction to my sudden departure from DC and the steady and substantial income I make off the trades of my Vertigo work.  Not knowing what my future was – I was literally ejected from DC with no warning – I overcompensated and needed to get as much work in print and earning money for my babies ASAP.  My next goal is to start to scale that back and settle into a roughly 880-page yearly output, giving me some breathing room and space to do more personal projects.

From here.

I saw this last week and sympathized completely, both from the “I am working too much and that is bad for me” viewpoint but also the “I ended up without this job suddenly and I got scared and said yes to too many things” one. I promised myself that 2013 would be the year I’d work on that, but judging on my workload from this first week, I appear to be doing a really bad job at it.

Onwards, ever onwards.

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