Also, just to let you know, these aren’t weeklies added onto 52 titles. They are part of the 52 number of books that we create on a monthly basis.

So it’s not that we’re adding more product in. It’s just as the weaker books go away, we’re adding weeklies, which we think have big stories that lead to more and exciting events as they start to unfold over the next year.

From the Dan DiDio interview here.

If I’m understanding the above correctly, this means that DC is essentially going from 52 separate series a month to 40 or so, because they’re focusing on “52 issues a month” and three weeklies = 12 issues each month (Well, ish).

That’s an interesting shift in DC’s publishing philosophy, and one that could be worth watching in the months to come. What if they decide that Superman should ship twice a month? Does that mean another lower-selling book gets cancelled?

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